Portable Digital Storage Media


People may not know this, but their mobile phones have memory cards, external media storage. Upon installing a mobile application, a prompt will appear asking if you want the mobile application program installed in the phone RAM or the memory card or chip.

Sony primarily marketed the memory card. Its first actual use was for storing and transferring photo image files to and from Sony digital cameras. Later on, however, the memory card evolved into an all-around multimedia recorder that can save and share music, video, images and photos and other multimedia files from one portable digital device to another. The evolution of these great little devices has enabled the public as a whole to benefit.

The memory card must not be confused with the USB flash drive or other portable storage devices. It is primarily used as an added storage capacity to digital video and audio cameras and mobile phones. Unlike the USB flash drive that serves as removable storage, the memory card is in symbiosis with a digital device such as a mobile phone or camera to meet its thought and transfer speed requirements.

The memory card is portable. It can be easily transferred from one digital instrument to another. Also, newer versions are getting smaller in size and thickness. The latest available size for a memory card is less than 15 mm. That is smaller than the standard piece of chewing gum. Aside from being portable, it is also easy to install in a digital device because of insertion slots.

There have been instances of mobile phone malfunctions because of the effect of the operating voltage of the memory card, but measures were implemented to lower its operating voltage eventually. Digital device users embrace the use of recall accessory to the point that laptop PCs are now being manufactured with memory card slots and adaptors for data transfer.

As more and more digital devices are being conceptualized, the memory card is expected to further evolve up to the point when they will finally be the primary medium of data storage and transfer.v