Travel to Sydney

Travel to Sydney

Captain Arthur Phillip navigated his vessel into Sydney Cove in 1788, and one of the world’s great cities was born.

Today, Sydney is home to nearly four million Australians who love to soak in the sun and surf on the open waves that crash on its beautiful beaches.

Sydney Harbour is enticing. Its famous bridge, an incredible marvel of architecture, dominates the view.

However, for sheer elegance, the Sydney Opera House takes centre stage with its one-of-a-kind appearance and over 2,500 events each year to keep opera fans satisfied.

Try to time your travel to Sydney to coincide with the Sydney Film Festival, when a slew of Hollywood luminaries grace the city with their presence.

If you’ve gotten into the Aussie spirit and consumed one or two pints of lager, try burning off the calories by climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The ascent begins at regular intervals, and the view from the top is inspiring, but you’ll need strong nerves and a head for heights.

Sydney is now a multicultural city. Before WWII, the majority of the population was of British or Irish ancestry.

However, in recent years, there has been an inflow of immigrants from all around Europe and Asia who travel to Sydney.

The city’s numerous ethnic groupings have resulted in various taverns and eateries catering to most people’s tastes.

The Longrain is a must-try restaurant. Diners are provided for late into the night with a superb selection of Thai meals.

After dinner, head to the Hollywood Hotel for some schooners. If you want to make a good impression, wear your most excellent trousers and designer sunglasses.

Alternatively, you can watch a movie at Domain’s OpenAir theatre. Watch the newest Hollywood blockbusters while surrounded by the moon and stars.

Sydney is all about glitz and glamour, and it is always ready to provide you with a great experience.